Cookers & Fires

We are able to take care of all your new cookers needs. Whether this be simply replacing a hob in your existing worktop, relocating your new hob or installing a gas hob for the first time.

We are here to help!

We also offer the ability to cut you existing worktop to accomodate your new hob (if its a different size).

We don't just install your new hob we conduct a tightness test of your gas pipe work and we fully commission your hob and provide a certificate.



Remove & replace a hob £65 (in like for like position)

Remove & relocate a hob within 1.5m £90

Enlarge worktop opening £30

Cut new opening in worktop to suit new hob £50

Remove & replace a freestanding cooker £40

Install a new freestanding cooker c/w isolation valve, securing chain flexible hose and 1.0m pipework £90


We are able to take care of all your exiting gas fire needs from servicing to repair. Simply contact us and we will orgainse a visit.

We do not install new gas fires