Unvented Systems

Combi boilers are great for instant hot water, however there are limitation to what they can provide in terms of flow.

If you have a couple of thermostatic showers or run showers and a bath at the same time then there is only one effective solution - An unvented system.

So, what is an unvented system?

Simply, its a hot water cylinder that supplies high flow hot water to several outlets simultaneously!


We are one of the small minority of Gas Engineers specifically trained and qualified in the design, specification, installation, repair and service of your Unvented Hot Water System. 

We will attend your home free of charge and discuss the requirements of an unvented system and once we have confirmed that your home is capable of accomodating the system we will provide you with a detailed quotation.


Unvented System Servicing

An unvented system achieves such high flow by using higher pressures, as such there are several safety devices installed onto an unvented cylinder.

It is crucial for you and the safety of your family but also for optimal performance of your hot water delivery that you service your unvented system annually.
We provide an annual service for only £30 when conducted at the same time as your annual boiler service or £60 when done individually